Tips to Prep for a Brunch

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the moms, mother’s-to-be and furmoms out there! I decided to show my mom some love with a brunch (which seems to have become a yearly tradition now) last Sunday. Brunch seems to be the meal en vogue, and I can see why when you get the best of both worlds!

And as fancy as brunch seems, hosting brunch does NOT have to be complicated or difficult and can easily be done with little effort. To be honest, it took more time to clean and tidy my place than it did to prepare the food! Here’s how to make it easy and stress-free (a.k.a. #brunchhacks):


1) Make what you can in advance

Really this tip is good for any entertaining that you do. I like to strive for a mix of things I can make beforehand and things to make on the day of. Make any baked desserts ahead of time or if parts of a meal can be frozen in advance to help you out on the day certainly do that! I made the banana bread the day before. The only thing that I made on the day of were the frittatas, which took less than 10 minutes to assemble and less than 20 to bake.



2) Purchase pre-made local artisan foods to make it special.

Not only do you not have to make said foods, if you picked them up from an area of the city where your guests don’t tend to visit or even know of, they will be delighted to try something new. A photographer friend of mine enlightened me of this Quebec brand of yogurt called Riviera on Instagram and I have been a fan ever since. I served their organic rhubarb yogurt that happen to come in adorable glass jars to up the fancy factor.

3) Make dishes that require assembly or no cooking.

Great options are fresh fruit (either cut up or whole), nuts and cheeses served on a wooden board or in pretty bowls. People can take nibbles of whatever they prefer. Salads are also a great option since you can purchase organic pre-washed greens, cut up fruit, add goat cheese, nuts and a simple dressing and it becomes restaurant-worthy.


So what did I serve?

Mother’s Day Brunch Menu:

So while Mother’s Day has come and gone, there’s always Father’s Day to celebrate another brunch! I hope these tips will come in handy in June and I’ll be serving up another brunch for my dad then too.

To all mothers out there (especially mine!), thank you for all you do. Not just on Mother’s Day but everyday that you give of yourselves for your families. You are loved and appreciated. Love you mom!

See you all next week with another recipe post!






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