Raw Vegan Red Velvet Truffles

I love making different versions of raw date energy balls and always have some in my freezer. They are a great pick-me-up to have on the way home from work (I sometimes keep one in my purse for emergency “hangry” cravings), or a nice morsel to have before a workout. Personally, when I do a run, I can’t have very much in my stomach. I get cramps and nausea, so often I will have one or two of these for sustained energy without the heavy feeling of a smoothie or other meal.


Since I had beets around Valentine’s Day, I thought I would experiment with a raw red velvet version. It’s one of my favourite cake flavours, but I’m not a fan of the artificial food colouring. I had seen raw cashews used as vegan “cream cheese” before, so I thought that using them in this energy ball along with the raw beets would create a raw “red velvet” type energy ball. If you are particularly sensitive to the taste of raw beets, you may want to start with half the amount and add more if you can tolerate it, but I found I couldn’t taste the them at all.

And I’m sorry I’ve been MIA folks! I was out of the country catching some rays and getting my dose of vitamin D while visiting a friend who lives in the Caribbean, and was hoping to get this post up before leaving but just didn’t have enough time. Better late than never though, right? 🙂

Stay well!


Raw Vegan Red Velvet Truffles


  • 7-8 pitted organic medjool dates
  • 1 cup raw organic cashews
  • 1 tbsp. raw organic cacao powder
  • 1/2 cup raw shredded organic beets
  • 1/2 cup organic shredded unsweetened coconut

Make ’em:

1. Soak cashews for 10 minutes in a bowl. In a separate bowl, soak the dates (if they are dry).

2. Drain and dump the cashews and dates in a food processor. Pulse until smooth and then add the beets and cacao powder and pulse again.

3. Form into 1-inch balls and roll into the shredded unsweetened coconut and place in freezer. I like to eat them directly from the freezer if possible.


A little taste of my trip – Grand Anse

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